Drawing With The Masters

Thursdays from 6-7:30 pm
$15 Drop-in, or 6 week punch-pass for $75,
Ages: 18+

One of my mentors once told me to “Surround myself with great art.” He said that by always looking at the best work I would never grow complacent. That advice is the inspiration for this class. We spend time each week looking a the work of a master artist. We spend time copying and studying one of their pieces and I teach a principle based on his/her work. We then apply that principle to drawing from life.

This class utilizes a projector instead of live models. There is a heavy focus on the human figure, but other subjects are also included.Topics covered include: Design, Anatomy, Perspective, Line Quality, Proportion, and Many More.

Sculpture Night

Thursdays 7:30-9:30
$10 Drop-in, or 6 week punch pass for $50.

This Class is designed for students who are self-motivated and have projects they are interested in pursuing. I provide critiques and advice as well as technical instruction. There is no curriculum. Students need to have there own projects in mind. I provide help and support. Topics I help with include: anatomy (animal and human), design, armature building, sculpting, moldmaking, resin casting, and preparation for bronze casting. This class is a great opportunity to come work on your projects with other artists in a creative and supportive atmosphere.