Stripling Warrior

Stripling Warrior

15″ Tall
Resin: $225
Bronze: $1200

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The story of the stripling warriors in the Book of Mormon has always been a favorite of mine.

This piece was inspired by my community. During the summer of 2012, well over 2000 young men dressed up and marched as stripling warriors in our Pioneer Day parade.When I heard about the plans to reenact the march of the stripling warriors as a part of the parade, I was very excited. A thrill went through me and I wanted to create a sculpture to commemorate what I knew would be memorable event. It was my hope that a small statue might serve as an effective remembrance to those who participated. One thing that surprised me was that how many mothers came to my studio to purchase these for their sons. I was able to meet many mothers who deeply desired the protection that the stripling warriors received for their own families.

I hope that this statue helps remind us that these young men, who were taught by their mothers, who did not doubt, and who were faithful and obedient in all things were protected and preserved by the Lord. It is also my hope that our families may be blessed in a similar way.